Be encouraged!

I know you have dreams, you have aspirations, you work so hard and it’s like it’s not paying off; I know that feeling, I understand it too well. You remember all the things the Holy Spirit told you, you remember the prophecies you got in your prayer time, the visions and revelations and you wonder what’s happening?! Why am I not seeing the manifestation?! Did I actually hear from God?!

Don’t give up. Hold on to God. If He said it, HE WILL DO IT . Don’t accept this grooming process as your destination, no! Your future is brighter than it is now. You will get to where you are supposed to be. Just trust the leading of God. Learn all He’s teaching you in the process. ENJOY WHERE YOU ARE NOW ON YOUR WAY TO WHERE YOU WANT TO BE.

No! No witch from your village is chasing you.
No! You do not have a problem.
No! You’re not under any spiritual attack.

But you can’t be given the ends of the earth if you’re not mature enough to handle that kind of blessing. Learn. Grow. Mature. You heard right from God. But until you reach the level of maturity for where God has promised you, you might not get there. Grow from a child to a SON of God. Stop enjoying the ‘hand me downs’ from your pastor. Know God for yourself.  Why?? Simply because; YOU CAN ONLY GO AS FAR AS YOUR KNOWLEDGE OF GOD.

So, learn and relearn. Listen more. Enjoy your grooming process. Behind every glory is a story. Hold on! You ll be fine. Just trust the process. You ll come out as fine gold. I am excited about what God will use you to do but you gotta grow…. You have to!!!

See you at the top.

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