Five years ago, I had an encounter that changed my life and my walk with Christ. I had this HUGE crush on this guy, oh my! You know the ‘my knees get wobbly, my heart turns to jelly and my eyes get blurry’ kinda crush! It was massive. It however turned out that He wasn’t into me as much as I was into him because I was too ‘small’ in size for him. Now that really hurt me, because of all the reasons not to like me; it’s because of my SIZE, something I had absolutely no control over, It was so heartbreaking for me. I cried like the sun won’t shine again.

I went to church, luckily for me, it was around the time for our yearly prophetic service called ‘Jesus is Lord’ service. I went to church with just two prayer points; my master’s program and my feelings for this guy. I was literally BEGGING God to take my feelings for this guy away, that I was tired of loving someone who would never love me back. I had no expectations from God that day but I just felt like talking and I knew only God was about the only person ready to listen to me.

Lo and behold, the Holy Spirit spoke to me, He said ‘don’t ask me to take it away; ask me to help you through it’. And that changed it for me. The kind of peace that flooded my heart that day was inexplicable! I was amazed that God could talk to me over an issue like a CRUSH! He proved to me that day that He is concerned about me. Before then I had always told people ‘God wants to be involved in everything that concerns you’ but I never practiced it. That word from the holy spirit that day made me realize that the love God has for me is all- encompassing, not the ‘I love you because you’re useful to me’ kinda love. No! He loves you when you’re sin ridden and He does also when you’re so clean before Him.

Do you still segment your relationship with him?! Do you still have those things that you tell your best friend, the ones you tell your parents, the ones you tell your pastor and the ones you tell God?? He is interested in it all. He cares about you too much to be interested in a PART of you! He’s a friend that sticks closer than a brother. You’re only a prayer away from your solution. That issue that looks like no one can do it, have you told God about it?? He can help you out. Far above where the world can take you, Jesus will take you farther.

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