God is saying over the month of October:

I am doing a new thing. It is a season of seasons.

I sense a setting in place for a lot of people. A shift to bring exact alignment. I see the curtains of heaven opening, like a tearing open of the curtains. It is more of a new season than a new month.

I’m sensing that there is going to be a new wave of prayers that will go round in this month and cause the heaven to look down, searching for the people wrecking havoc.

I see a breaking down of strongholds and pillars. I sense that hindrances,things that have held us back in our spiritual walk and majorly in the prophetic are being shifted. They are giving way. There is a higher release of the prophetic in this season, you can literally touch it. Dreams like never before, visions and encounters.

It is a season of seasons because it is to set us up for subsequent seasons.

Oh watchman, be on your guard for your adversary the devil is running to and fro the earth, like a roaring lion. Stand at your post and be on your guard for yourself, your family and place of assignment.

I sense an alignment of the heavens and the earth. I am sensing that an alignment of the heavens and the earth brings about a situation where you see angels ascending and descending.

I hear encounters, encounters like never before. Why? It is because my people need it. They need a reference point for things to come. That you may know, so that you will be confident.

I am sensing a work in righteousness not necessarily a quick work but God is very strategic in this season, there is a building up to be done. Lots of training and wisdom. If only my people will look to me and not to themselves. Oh, if only my people will fix their gaze on the things of the kingdom and not things of this world. Oh, this world is fading away so fast, that is why iniquity is rising.

The rise in iniquity signifies the end. It has happened before and it is happening again. Don’t you see it? These signs are not new. They are to show what is to come. They are signs unto believers and unbeliever. Stop holding on to things that will fade away, things that will perish.

Oh, that you may get gold that is tested in fire, eye salve for your eyes. Do an exchange. Let me give you what is mine for what is yours. Mine is eternity, it ensures in perpetuity, never failing.

I hear drums. It is the heralding of a new season. Dances, new dances. Songs, new songs. I am releasing new songs. Heaven and earth must be one. There must be an alignment.

The rains, the latter rains are coming. They are coming. Do you know what they signify? That the old has come to an end and the new has begun. Tearing of old garments, old religion, old ways, old wine skins and old traditions.

Sprouting, spontaneity, sprouting up of the new. ‘New’ in different facets and sectors.There is a shift in the atmosphere of the spirit and the physical shall see it and know that the hand of the lord has done it.



Written by Adeola Olalemi, a freelance writer and a graduate of law from Babcock University, Nigeria. She’s very passionate about God and his plans to see the kingdom of heaven done on earth. Read more about her and what God lays in her heart from time to time here

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