A few months ago, we went back to the University College Hospital here in Nigeria. And it brought back a lot of memories. We went there to eat, and it was so refreshing to eat without being scared of what you’ll face after eating. About 5 years ago, my sister laid in that same hospital for months. We had no idea if she would live or not. We would go into the hospital with a bleak hope of a good news. It was a really sober time for us today. One refreshing thing in life is going to a place you were once ‘enslaved’ as a ‘FREE’ person.

I remembered all the things I feel so sad about that God has not done for me and I forgot the ones already done. I forgot about healing, I forgot about journey mercies. I forgot about peace of mind. I forgot about the soundness of mind for us all. One day at the hospital, we went for something in another wing of the hospital, a man had just passed away, we watched from afar as the family was told the news. I saw women jumping not in excitement but in indescribable pain. I saw different ‘immediate’ responses to loss. I was so scared, I asked God would this ever happen to my family? The man had also done a surgery like my sister. We always had a smile but deep down, we knew where our shoes hurt.

My sister was a constant prayer point then. There were times we had to leave UCH late Saturday night to be in church early Sunday morning. Months later, she walked out of the hospital herself. If anyone tells you God doesn’t heal, that’s a lie.

At the eatery that day, I saw really tense people. I wanted to reach out to a particular woman, just hug her and pray with her. She bought rice in a black nylon and she was eating with her hands. She was so touchy but at the same time, she would eat and be lost in thought for a while and then continue eating. I remembered when food was not even sweet or attractive to us too.

For those who have lost loved ones to ill health, I pray God keeps consoling you. And for those who have people in the hospital, or you are sick and no respite in sight, I speak ease to your spirit and comfort to your soul. Through the love of Christ our Saviour, all will be well. Jesus did ours, He will do yours too.

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