Knowing that you have been chosen by God to be loved by Him and to be sent for His assignment can be all the encouragement you need on the mission field, especially when the enemy throws darts of discouragement at you. The enemy makes the environment of the mission field uncomfortable, and then he sows seeds of lies into your heart, saying “If God indeed loved you, He wouldn’t have brought you here.” The enemy makes you feel you are alone as if God has forsaken you. He makes you feel like you are not the right man for the job; he digs up your mistakes and makes you feel unqualified.

This might have been what the enemy did with Peter that made Peter say – “I am going fishing.” Thoughts like “If Jesus loved you, He wouldn’t have left you. He was supposed to secure the most powerful seat but He left you and now you are alone. Maybe you are not even fit enough to be the Rock He called you. You denied him three times, remember? It’s better you go back to fishing on the sea, instead of being a fisher of men.” Peter must have shivered under his past mistakes and must have made a false conclusion in agreement with the devil.

But the most beautiful part is we have a God who keeps coming after us in the most loving manner. While he was fishing with the disciples, Jesus showed up and guess what He said, “Children, do you have any fish?” Jesus didn’t come with a cane to chase them back into their mission field. If you ask me, Jesus came back with a sense of humor. He taught them how to fish and sat down with them to eat the fish. He reminded them of His love towards them and before He left, Jesus had a discussion with Peter which was a great reminder for Peter. The basic reminder was “if you indeed love me, you will feed my sheep.” Please read the full story from John 21.

Has God called you into a specific field so you can harvest souls for Him? Do you feel tired, angry, weary, and unqualified? Today, He is reminding you of His love. He wants you to know that He loves you so much and He will never leave you nor abandon you. You are not alone; He wants you to know that He is right with you. He also wants you to know that He chose you for that specific field. God is not a man, so His choices are not mistakes. The enemy might make you feel God was mistaken to have chosen you, but that’s a lie. God makes perfect choices and He created you for that which He is calling you into.

Only if you will believe in His choice. God wants you to believe in His love and yes, God wants you to love Him back too. Loving God in return is proof that you indeed believe in the love of God. With that love, God wants you to go to unreached areas. If you are reading this and you feel like quitting on your God-given assignment, I ask that your love for God is awakened. I ask that your faith is strengthened to believe in the love of God no matter what the enemy has told you. I pray that you will see yourself the way God sees you and I ask for a renewed strength for you that will make you say, “Here I am, Lord. Send me.”

I am here praying for you. If you feel a need to talk to me, please feel free to reach out to me by filling the contact me form on my website.

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