Made for Marriage

The Vision

Marriage is a very important phase of human relationships. At the juncture of marriage and at the beginning of the activation of a divine marital destiny,  so many things will come up that we need to be prepared for, be preparing for and most importantly, things we should have dealt with! This course is borne out of that desire to see people do better maritally. I assure this course will open your eyes beyond your imagination!

My Promise to you!

  • This is nothing like you have ever seen before
  • An overhauling of mindsets and beliefs that need be changed
  • A learn understanding of marriage 
  • A realignment with your CORE
  • Loving yourself again and ultimately, finding love

Reviews from Made for Marriage 1.0

I was looking forward to the class but I didn’t know what I was looking forward to, I had no expectations, I just wanted to learn how to prepare for my husband and my marriage but this course did more than that. I now believe that there is no smoke without a fire, every behavior we exhibit has a root that we may or may not be aware of. I heard the word ‘life audit’ for the first time and I can say that my life will never remain the same. I have been able to trace some of my not so good behaviors to my childhood and teenage days and I am working to become The God-Version of me in life and in marriage.

Thank you IBK!!! You are a blessing♥️💜


  • Adesola

When I registered for this course, I thought it was going to be the usual cliches of what to expect in marriage and the likes. But how wrong I was…this course opened my eyes to different things. This course made me realize that some things I always pride myself in weren’t things to be really proud of really. The course also shifted my eyes to some of the things I needed to pay attention to before going into Marriage and also becoming a better me and a better wife.
Thank you so much IBK for the insights. God bless you

  • Tomi

“Be his peace and connect with him”

This gem will definitely change the course of my relationship and marriage. My perspective about kingdom marriage has shifted. My mind is opened to the fact that the Father wants me whole and He wants me to walk in clarity before joining me with His Son.

  • Kofoworola

This course made me know that my desires are valid and I don’t have to follow the stereotypical African way. I can actually enjoy my marriage and not conform to what has been before me.This course has given me the audacity to dream and plan accordingly.

  • Temitope

Made for Marriage 2.0 will run as follows:

  1. A three-day mind detox program that would facilitate a positive paradigm shift as it pertains to you and your marital destiny
  2. Confessions and affirmations that would set you on a catalytic path maritally
  3. Daily meditation exercises, which would prepare your mind for what is coming your way
  4. Ibukun’s unique ‘Deep Dive Personal Intimacy’ sessions 

Recommended Reading Texts: 

I am Married by Debola Deji – Kurunmi

Act of Marriage by Tim and Beverly LaHaye

Who should register?

  1. Single (and married women) who really want to get marriage right
  2. Women who have learned so much from everywhere except the Holy Spirit about marriage
  3. Women who are desperate for answers
  4. Women who want to be emotionally intelligent even as they wait
  5. Women who need a support group of other waiting singles 
  6. Women who have lost their joy and just need to get it back
  7. Women who have been broken by love; love will mend you again and love will find you again!




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Who is Ibukun?

Ibukun Akinbamijo is a visionary who keeps adding value to men and women within and outside the church walls. She is the President of The Waiting Brides Network and the Kingdom Men Initiative; organizations that birth and train kingdom men and women who actively pursue the execution of the righteousness of God on earth. She is also the Chief Responsibility Officer of the The Evolution Center, a coaching site that offers edifying courses engineered towards the training of men and women, to help them live a holistic life. 

A Certified Mind Coach, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner and an Emotional Therapist.  Ibukun is a ball of fire who has authored 2 life-transforming books with a number of other book projects in the works. As well as being certified in Goal Setting and Social Media Business Training, she is also an Accredited Mediator and ADR Registrar who specializes in peace and conflict resolutions.