The Mindset Boot Camp

The Vision

The Mindset Boot Camp is a DESTINY assignment as well as a faith-based therapy/coaching program that is to liberate the children of God and set them on a path of discovery and evolution. This is a God-ordained and God-breathed journey that CANNOT leave you STRANDED. This journey will help you explore and dig deep into you. This journey will also help you excavate negative words engraved in the minds of women which have limited their rising in destiny

Dearly beloved, I welcome to EVOLUTION!!!

Objectives of the Mindset Boot Camp

  • To remind you of the general purpose of who you are by answering the question ‘What exactly are you on earth for?’
  • To help you bring to remembrance EVERYTHING that the mouth of the Lord has spoken concerning you
  • To excavate and establish paths of you that you never knew existed

The Mindset Boot Camp will run as follows:

    1. A seven-day mind detox program which would facilitate a positive mindset shift with respect to your purpose
    2. Morning devotions which would set you on a path of birthing long-term prophetic words spoken about you
    3. Daily meditation exercises, which would reconstruct your mind to believe the most honourable things about you
    4. Positive confessions which promises to become one with you and eliminate negative thoughts and beliefs.
    5. Daily Call to Action( that is, activations that must be done daily which would make you take practical steps towards achieving your purpose)
    6. Pairing of accountability partners, who would push you to your expected end.

Recommended Reading Text: Think Big by Ben Carson.

Who is it for?

    1. Married and single men and women who have been put down with words by those who are meant to show them love or uplift them.
    2. Women who go to bed crying every night either because there’s a cry for more or a hunger to go deeper in God.
    3. Men and women who feel rejected and unloved
    4. Men and women who look in the mirror and feel an overwhelming shame about how things are in their lives

For so long, I have struggled with self esteem issues. My size had limited me. I really felt I wasn’t qualified to be in certain rooms because I didn’t feel good enough. I had also had so many people exclude me from certain activities because of my height, this made me feel unwanted and inadequate. They meant it in a good way but for me, it drove deeper in low self esteem. I am privileged by God to lead a ministry and I had always heard God, but still felt not good enough for anything. I was and is still leading a thriving women’s ministry, I still didn’t feel good enough. I just thought God just wanted to use me; He wanted me to lead others to Him and just leave me there like a slave. I slaved in life and ministry because I had no clear understanding of who God is to me and who He has made me. No amount of ‘Ibukun, I love you’ from God made things right. It rather drove me from God. This continued for three years of ministry and one day, late last year, the Holy Spirit said it was time to start the male arm of the ministry. And I crashed like a pack of cards. I couldn’t break out of being seen as a women’s minister and when the father said step out, all the issues I had buried came face to face with me. And this was me, a certified coach and therapist, which simply shows that we all bleed the same way. I then began a soul searching journey with the Holy Spirit and my teachers. This strengthened my knowledge of who I am, it exposed me to my strengths and weaknesses and how to channel all these productively. I had to go through a rebranding and a redefinition.
I believe strongly that a lot of people need this. From my experience with my clients from Identity Series 1.0, I could see that truly, many people are like me. Let me help you. You can be grounded in your identity and be revolutionary. And I am here to hold your hand all through this and show you the principles I applied that have helped me.
My name is Ibukun Akinbamijo, I am a certified coach and therapist, come on this transformational journey with me