From our happy students, readers and listeners

Finding God in the Waiting Room (Book)

Personally, this book brought me to a place of knowing that no waiting period is a waste, rather, instead of being a waste, it is a blessing. The waiting room is a blessing because of the character development the Lord intends to build in me in the waiting room. It is also a blessing because of the call to purpose which I am to answer in the waiting room. Finding God in the Waiting Room has allowed me to call my single days a blessing; the book has made me appreciate my alone moments more, even as I look forward to the blessing God has for me in the waiting room. God bless Sister Ibukun Akinbamijo for writing this book, it liberated me from certain mindsets which made me blame God for putting me in the waiting room. After reading this book, I found that I have been blaming God for the wrong reasons. Now, I have embraced my waiting room so I can find God in the process.

- Sister Oluwanifemi

Identity Series 1.0

The issue of identity had always been a touchy subject for me, one with which I was insecure in. I usually shifted ground going from being sure of myself to not being sure of myself. But identity series made me dig deeper and establish my identity in Christ that is unshaken and unbeatable even by the storms of life. My mind was expanded as I began to see what I was capable of. Now my mind no longer limits me because the possibilities of what I am capable of are endless so I can no longer second guess myself and my ability to do anything.

Tope Duro

Destiny moments Podcast (Review)

The Waiting Room podcast really broke down a number of truths. I have learnt that the waiting room is not a punishment. It is where He prunes us to His specification for the next level.  He has purposed for us. It is also not restricted to waiting for marriage or just for women but also a waiting room for the alignment of our purpose and manifestation of God’s pronouncement over our lives. One thing Ibk usually says is that we must trust the integrity of God despite our reality as He is faithful to bring His promises to pass. He didn’t say those things to excite us. In the waiting room, I am to build my trust in God whilst He also builds trust and capacity in me. As He gives blessings, revelations and pronouncements, He teaches me to get more and be patient. I also learnt that I must pick my lessons in the waiting room; else I will keep going round and round in circles. I need these lessons for my next levels. Don’t run off at the slightest Word: Tarry in the waiting to listen to more of what He is saying. Don’t just dash out with a singular word He has given instead of listening more to have access to the full plan. This has been an important lesson for me because it underscores how important it is for me to understand that there is so much God wants to tell us about our lives and purpose. His intentions are not one-off blessings. They are continuous and are connected to other levels of growth. I like to think that as long as we are still breathing; our lives are a constant conduit of God’s plan and purpose hence the danger in just receiving a word and not seeking His face for actualizing and manifesting that word. The waiting room is where God gives the blueprint of your life: The Lord who is our Creator and knows us more than we know ourselves is ready to teach us exactly how to execute the things required for operating in our next level. The Waiting Room is a Healing Room: For different phases of our lives, we need a certain mindset, maturity or perspective in order to operate wholly in our next level. The waiting room is where God makes us whole so we do not lay to waste the grace God gives us in our purpose. The Waiting Room is a place where we keep our peace. A key lesson that struck me was the fact that God is not a user.

- Debola

Destiny moments Podcast

One thing I learnt that will never be a cliché is that I must marry God’s will for me or ensure that I stay in God’s will for my life. This dispels the fear that after marriage (or even upon attaining a next level), I would lose my fire and fervency. Further, it doesn’t stop at just marrying God’s will or staying in His will. In the waiting room, He builds an ability that enables me to create my own reality of marriage through God. If I am concerned with my spiritual life post marriage, I should build an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit. As a child of God, I should not fear about the bad news about marriages today. It is better for me to feast on Godly relationships and not join the bandwagon of evil report about men or marriage because joining this bandwagon plants these seeds of uncertainty in my own reality. I must guard my ears and eyes so that I proclaim good things into my marriage. Grow in your walk with God such that the Holy Spirit has free reign in your mind and imagination. In preparing for marriage, I must not lose myself. Who am I beyond the desire to be married? The waiting room is the time I should craft confessions for my marriage, husband and children. Marriage is a tool in God’s agenda; it is a big deal to

God. In the waiting room, I become grounded in my identity. This resonates from what was said in the book “Finding God in the waiting room”. It also reiterated to me the need to understand who I am in Christ because to me, I needed to answer this question: if I don’t have full knowledge of myself and who I am (which is what I should give), would I be really able to give myself properly, wholly and fully in either marriage, ministry or other level or purpose for which I was in the waiting room? We must also use the waiting period to build a prayer life – and fall in love with prayer. Don’t wait for there be a reason before you pray.

Adebola Adesida

Identity Series 1.0

The first and most beautiful thing i got was my purpose. I had strived, tried, and done so many things to know my purpose but they were all futile, I’m glad I joined the series. It was the greatest thing ever achieved. The first and most beautiful thing i got was my purpose. The identity series exposed me to another world, I got healed of limited mindset and saw myself in the light of the father

Damilola Oyeniyi

Identity Series 1.0

The course was eye opening, before the course I was very confused about my purpose and quite a lot of things. But through the course I became more enlightened and I discovered quite a lot about God and about myself. I am very grateful to IBK for organizing such life changing course, thank you so much Ma.

Ruth Chiedo

Identity Series 1.0

I am grateful to God for this lock down. I know that this lock down affected lot of things negatively but for me, it brought positive life transformation. In the month of April, I registered for the ‘Identity Series ‘ as organized by the President of TWBN.
Do you know that the topics and assignments given were exactly want I needed in my life? Everything IBK talked about were the questions I have been asking myself and the Holy Spirit. I learnt purpose, how to function in your God given purpose, I learnt how to deal with negative mindset, I learnt so many things. To crown it all, I learnt how to write a personal vision.
Of a truth, after this program my life changed. I don’t get myself tied down with things that don’t help me to fulfill and function in my purpose and vision. I now have a known direction that I need to focus on. Thank you Jesus for Identity Series program. God bless you greatly Ibk. I pray God will flourish you and increase your coast. I am grateful.

Sarah Okeremeta

Identity Series 1.0

First of all I want to start by thanking IBK if I say I was not blessed by this identity series I am a liar. I have unlearned, learned and relearned a lot of things in my life. I want to say thank you for answering the call upon your life, God has perfected everything that concerns you the whole universe will hear about you in Jesus name Amen.