Virtual Assistant

As a Virtual Assistant, I help businesses like yours with the execution of their big business goals, alleviating entrepreneurial stress and allowing you to start working on your business, instead of being trapped, working in it. I work with startups, entrepreneurs, coaches and trainers. My aim is to take the stress off my clients so they enjoy their work-life balance more. I love challenges and I go the extra mile for my clients. Clients have tasks they don’t like to do, have time to do or know how to do; that’s when I come in. I am based in Nigeria; but that is no barrier as I have worked with clients in the USA, UK, and Canada. With hiring me as your virtual assistant, the possibilities are endless as to what I can do for your business and for you as an individual. 

What I Do

Being a virtual assistant allows me to help you manage your social media accounts.

I manage your calendar/schedule, make travel arrangements, book accommodation, the creation of e-forms; draft letters and emails etc; write speeches.

I can help you handle inquiries, live chat, invite and accept requests, business inquiries etc 

I format posts to be published on your blog or website, add internal links to them, I edit and schedule posts, create and manage an editorial calendar, coordinate with contributors, topic idea generation, draft your content for you, create courses and compile eBooks.

Researching a blog article or project and also assistance with presentations.

Managing your email inbox can be stressful for you; especially individuals who have a high volume of emails received every day. I can take that stress off you.

I can set up a newsletter. I can help you with email marketing.

I offer transcription services; do you have that audio/video clip that you would want to be converted to an article or just typed out as is for you; I can also do that.